Thursday, June 07, 2007

Trying Thursday Thirteen

I decided I wanted to get on the Thursday Thirteen bandwagon. I always LOVE reading Lara’s. With her inspiration, here goes:

I love summer break time because:

  1. I get to sleep in past 6 am. Getting up at 5:30
    or 6:00 is not a pleasure to anyone I know.

  2. There are no papers to grade. Hallelujah!

  3. My home finally feels and looks clean. It will
    be really clean by the first day of school.

  4. I take naps daily. Who doesn’t love a good nap?

  5. There is great joy in taking trips to places I’ve
    never been before.

  6. Lounging around in my own home in my underwear or
    pajamas ALL DAY LONG!!!!

  7. I get to take fun professional development courses
    that give away a load of free things!!!

  8. I get to cook a meal that is healthy as well as

  9. I do not have to discipline anyone. Well, that’s
    not completely true. Because I am involved in cheer, I feel like I’m
    constantly fussing about something.

  10. My friends and I have conversations about things
    other than school and work.

  11. My couch finally gets more use than the bed.

  12. Ice Cream sundaes. . . need I say more?

  13. Lastly, I get to plan and research for a whole new
    group of terrified freshmen!
    I love coming up with ways that will
    cause them to think, "She's mean." I like being known
    as the mean lady the first month of school.

I hope that I have completed my first Thursday Thirteen correctly. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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Lara said...

hooray! TT is fun, huh? i'm glad you joined the bandwagon. oh, and yes - i agree with all of this. in fact, i think a nap sounds perfect right about now... ;)

Kwizgiver said...

I adore # 6. One of the best things about living by myself during vacations. :-)

I've never had the experience of #7. Fun professional development? Surely you jest.... yeah, I know, your name isn't Shirley... :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Proverbs16three said...

Just so you know #7 is possible. In my school district, I think they give some of the best professional development. They have a book thats about 20 pages long in course offerings. You take what you want! You learn who the best facilitators are and take all of their courses. Thats why i say they are fun. . . It is certain ones that are.

Joel said...

Lemme comment on #13:

> I love coming up with ways that
> will cause them to think, "She's
> mean." I like being known as the
> mean lady the first month of
> school.

While I like the idea, I want to warn you that being mean just for the sake of being mean doesn't work well. I am intentionally not overly nice, but I am not just rude for the sake of being called mean.

Have high expectations, and don't let them get away with misbehavior. But be friendly to them at the same time. It's a tough balance.

For more info, check out This post on how to keep kids quiet.

Proverbs16three said...

i just read your comments about #13. They consider me mean b/c during the first month I don't give in or be flexible about anything. This scarey for 9th graders. They suffer all the consequences of every action. I call home about stuff. This all so that they will not know that I'm the teacher and I'm in charge . . . an older teacher told me to do this. . . IT WORKED; students knew what was acceptable and unacceptable by the end of the first week and they knew they couldn't get away with anything. This is why I am dubbed mean