Monday, June 25, 2007

Another late night working . . .

So, its 2:39 in the morning and I’m still up. Since 9:00 PM, Sunday night, I’ve been working on cheer business. This can be added to the growing list of reasons that I will not return as to the cheer team after the 07-08 school year:

  • Somehow I seem to be investing more of my money in them than on me. Reason: Mrs. Finance does not reimburse for tax paid and she choose what things she will reimburse for & whether or not they were needed

  • The girls have too much drama

  • I want to go overseas—I have the fever after watching my friend Jennifer spend a year in Cameroon

  • Tired of making bill collection calls b/c they won’t pay their fees on time. It sucks to be the bad guy.

  • Fundraising. You’ve heard me whine about this before

  • It takes time away from my teaching

  • Lack of parental support. Parental support does not just mean send your dollars

  • I get tired of the gossiping and people who are plotting my overthrow. They fail to realize no one else wants to do this job and its NOT a requirement to keep my job. I talked with the Union Rep in detail about this. Extra-curriculars are not required to maintain your job.

  • I want a social life. Meeting guys at basketball/football games has not paid off. The ones that I have talked to turn out to be jerks. Not worth it!

  • Its time consuming: games, practices, competitions, summer activities, performances, pep ralleys

  • Sometimes they are down right ungrateful and disrespectful

I get more and more excited b/c I know my license will get here soon and I can go just about anywhere. But, I'll be careful about the job hunting . . . especially after hearing how so many teachers are finding the job market tight right now.


Anonymous said...

In what kind of school would you like to teach? And what do you like better, history or sociology? I love history, although I must say that teaching sociology entails great discussions about society and current events, which both the students and I love. I guess the combination is just about right for me.

Proverbs16three said...

It doesn't matter where I teach. I just know that teaching is my calling and I want to do it whenever, where ever. I want to teach overseas to get the opportunity to travel and see more of the world--kind of like a hands on approach to history. I like teaching both. . . history and sociology. I like sociology b/c of the hands on approach. I would always have the kids do some sort of activity and then discuss the activity and give them their notes. It was fun for them. But managing hands-on activities is somewhat difficult. I love history too--I love the story telling portion. I'm really excited b/c this year I get to teach African American history!!!!!

Proverbs16three said...

P.s. Right now I'm teaching in a school that is Title 1 meaning more than 75% of our kids are on free or reduced lunch. Most of the kids are from very "urban" areas. Most of them, by the time they get to me, they MUST have a job outside of school. This affects my teaching/homework/assignments.