Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Getting Reading for Year 3

With the help of two guys from summer school, I spent over an hour moving my classroom things this morning. It really wasn’t that bad b/c I’m a new teacher w/o a lot of stuff—most of its cheer stuff. The problem is that the classroom I’m moving into has not been cleared out. And to boot, she is taking EVERYTHING in the classroom except the student desks. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING: the teachers desk, all the file cabinets, even the computers. I will be left with nothing. But here is the kicker: Tomorrow, the boys and I will tackle moving all of the rest of her stuff down to her new room. We don’t mind moving her stuff b/c she has a disability, but I am NOT looking forward to it. Her file cabinets still have stuff in them—so it’s going to be heavy and hard to move all of this stuff. I’ll show pictures of the move tomorrow.

Update In response to comments: We got a new principal and he is making almost everyone move. He felt like there was no structure to the layout of classrooms. Therefore, he is placing all the subject areas in the same area for collaboration, etc. We have to go where we were assigned. I've been using a flat bed and dolly, but its still hard work getting stuff from one floor to another.


Bowrag said...

Good luck, Those cabinets are a bear. You could always ask the custodian for a dolly.

Why does she have to move? Why doesn't she teach in that room and ou take the other?

Ms. M said...

That sounds very similar to my first year. The admin decided to move me and the coaches into a new room. If I didn't help the coaches move their stuff I couldn't get started teaching (this happened on the second day of school might I add). So I was forced to either help them or sit around for days (my first year) and not be able to do anything. Let's just say they were not in a hurry to move their stuff.

This is the first year I'm not moving and I'm soooo excited!

Betsy said...

This sounds like something the custodians should be doing. Don't they have to empty rooms to clean them anyways?
But all of this talk about cleaning and classrooms already has me excited for September.
How pathetic am I?

Anonymous said...

I guess this somehow makes me happy that I don't have my own room. In one of my schools each class has its own room (which I don't like), in the other school there are subject areas like in yours. But this doesn't mean that each teacher has his own room. I have to switch from hour to hour.