Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gettting Reading for Year 3: Moving

Pictures of the process. Yes we moved all of it! With the stuff on the tables.

Have you ever done something for someone and then they seemed ungrateful? Moving my co-worker’s stuff feels like that. I called her to let her know that the students and I had completed the job. It was a quick “thank you” and that was it. It was like I was inconveniencing her. I wasn’t expecting her to bestow honor after honor for doing this, but I expected sincere gratitude. What I got was not sincere gratitude. So, now that makes me grumpy. Let examine the facts on my side:
  • She left me with NOTHING in the room except student desks.

  • She didn’t even have all of her things packed for easy moving

  • She’s been in that room more than 10 years, so she had accumulated a lot of HEAVY stuff.

  • Her file cabinets were packed to the brim with papers and we moved those, too

  • My back has been aching since the time I got up this morning AND I still went and moved her stuff

  • Her desk wasn’t even cleaned out!!!!

  • Because she is not leaving me file cabinet, I have to spend $50 of my supply money to order a file cabinet for my room. Although, Mrs. Finance has said she would help by looking at the cheer account for extra money, so I wouldn’t have to spend the supply money

Long story, short: I’m really grumpy right now.

And I’ve learned a lesson: Nice things won’t always be appreciated. Sometimes, you learn to appreciate other people’s help when you have to do it yourself. In the future, there will be no pitty from me—do it yourself. It seems that people are only looking out for themselves anyway.


In response to Betsy's comments: There are only 5 custodians working this summer. The District refuses to pay their part time workers for full time hours during the summer, so most took the summer off. In addition, 3 of the people working are women--they asked us when school let out to try and move as much of our own stuff as possible as it was only 4 of them really working. Each week, 1 of the 5 takes their summer vacation. One of the men who is working with them, says he's got back problems and refuses to move anything. (Although, I caught him sleeping in the lounge one day) Their primary job in the summertime is to wax the floor. Apparently, all other stuff is secondary to that. So that is the deal with the custodians. If you want it done, you do it yourself. If want to be ready on Day 1, I've got to start now, otherwise, it will be like last fall. Where I stayed at school until 10 every night.


Midwest Teacher said...

Urggg. That's really aggravating. I can't believe she got to take all of her stuff. That blows.

Betsy said...

Before you spend your supply money on a new filing cabinet, check with your building principal and other buildings in your district to see if there is an extra one around. There usually is.

Eric said...

I posted my email address over at my blog regarding your "Wednesday's Website" comments. If you do email me, I'll tell you privately why I chose your blog.