Thursday, June 21, 2007

History & Sociology . . . adequately competent

As many of you know, I submitted my licensure paperwork about a week ago. I got confirmation today that my application was approved. I love the recommendation statement that school officer had to sign for the state:

I certify that the above stated individual is 18 years of age and possesses good moral character. This applicant has satisfactorily completed the approved teacher education program including required practical experience . . . . .and
is recommended as having adequate teaching competencies in the certified area.

I don't know how they judge my moral character . . .I thought as I read the recommendation statement. But, I am soooo excited to be licensed in History and Sociology by my state. Now, I just need to finish my Master's degree. I guess I will work on that this fall. . . although, I really wanted to take a year off. School is so stressful; however, the additional money might be worth it.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Congratulations on having your competence recognized by the state!

(And in response to your comment on my Thursday Thirteen post: No, you really don't want to be like me when you grow up--you want to be YOU!)

Betsy said...


Midwest Teacher said...

Congrats! Such an exciting time in our lives right now. Whoo hoo for us!

Anonymous said...

YAAAAY! congratulations!