Thursday, June 28, 2007

Something is wrong with me!

Really, maybe eating vegetarian means I'm ingesting more pesticides or something. Maybe, I that garlic seasoning has crack in it or something. Maybe, when I was taking my evening walk I stepped on a needle with something in it. . . Whatever it is, my brain has been affected.

Today was supposed to be my leisure day. I don't have to go to school if I don't want to. I could sleep in. But here is what has happened: I awakened at 8:30, daytime tv seems to suck, I'm bored, I'm caught up on my blog reading & emails, laying in bed is not as fun as I thought . . .

So, I'm getting my big butt up and heading to school to sort through my stuff for my new classroom. When will get enough of that place? Why can't I stay away? Do I have summer ADHD? It is like I MUST be doing something. Why can't I just rest? Do I know how to rest? It sucks.

Maybe, I can talk Miss CF into Indian food for lunch.

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Betsy said...

Honestly? It's probably a combination of boredom, perfectionism, and dedication. Really. It is SO HARD to come down from the school year- used to being so busy, and then all of a sudden you have all of this time on your hands. My first three years of teaching I spent June at home, and from July on was at school at least 3 times a week, working on school stuff. But damn, I was prepared!

THis year I have a part-time job to combat that boredom. Your "part-time" job of cheer is associated with school, and that might be part of it. YOu just can't get away. Literally.