Monday, June 18, 2007

A Belated Birthday Gift For Lara--a short list of odes!

Happy Belated Birthday, Lara!
I am sorry, I couldn’t give your gift on time (but I went out of town this weekend & just now able to submit it)

Ode To Lara—You are such a beautiful person. Through your blog, I feel like I’ve gotten to know you personally. I love your humor and your love for people and your students. I know that once you have you own classroom, you will be an AWESOME educator. Keep up the good work!

Ode To My Diligent Cheerleaders—You are such beautiful and talented ladies. I know that often give you a hard time—especially when I feel that you are being ungrateful (which is true). For most of you, I admire you commitment to this sport. I love that many of you are so polite, well behaved and are trying do your best. So many of you have made goals with regard to college and I look forward to seeing you go far! Keep up the good work. (blurry to protect their identities)

Ode To Cat—I love you! I am so glad that God has blessed me with a friend like you. You are always encouraging me in my walk, offering solace, and giving me great smiles and laughs. I admire that you are always kind—even to people who wrong you. I love the fact that you are always sooooooo patient . . .Someday, I’d like to be that way (not so high-strung) Cool, Calm, Collected. I know that there a great things in store for you.

Finally, to Rebecca (the sweetest and dearest online buddy a girl could have). Thanks for staying up late, to always hear the latest drama in my life and then encourage me onward and upward! You are sooooo smart and thoughtful. When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. You are the coolest Jewish girl I know!

Lara, I hope you enjoyed these birthday gifts. Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

hey there....I this is the coolest blog. I usually don't blog but I am strating to enjoy reading yours. That was very thoughtful...all the odes.

Anonymous said...

hey girlie....It truly touched my heart that you think all of those wonderfully lovely things about me!! Thanks a bunch toots. I love ya too!!!

Lara said...

aw, thanks girl! those are all wonderful gifts, and i'm glad you found time for it. :)