Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Is this what relaxing is about?

On Tuesday, I . . . .

  • Went to school and accomplished nothing. I tried but discouragement set in after only 10 minutes.

  • Visited with Miss CF. As I shared my thoughts with her on incentives for successful teachers, she said I was sounding more like a Republican everyday. I’m still not converting! LOL.

  • Visited several books stores and teacher stores looking for books on manipulatives. Figured out I’m going to have order what I want online and that stinks b/c it means I have to wait.

  • Went the post office, only to find the line hanging out the door. All I could do was get back in my car.

  • Took a nap until 8:30 pm which is why I am up at 3:30.

  • Went to get a veggie burger from fast food. Decided to order onion rings. Bad idea. Apparently, since I’ve decided to go meatless, I’ve lowered the amount of fat in my diet. I couldn’t eat more than two. Those two little onion rings have spelled disaster for my digestive system. If this is what it will feel like when I start eating meat again, I don’t want it. It’s painful and somewhat disgusting. So now I’m sitting here thinking, I’m really not going to miss all that much this 4th. BTW, Miss CF, did you think I’d last this long? I've surprised you! I refused to give up chocolate. . . You're asking for too much.

  • Oh, and Happy Blogiversary to me! I started this blog ONE YEAR AGO, today. I’ll think about a special post for later today.


Betsy said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!

And congrats on sticking with the no-meat plan for so long. Have you seen any other benefits?

Tense Teacher said...

I've not completely given up meat, but I have significantly cut my consumption, and it's amazing how terrible I feel now when I eat it or any food laden with fat and preservatives! I know just what you mean! My husband will be grilling me a portobello mushroom for our Fourth celebration today.

Happy Blogaversary, and Happy Fourth, too!

Eric said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!